A goal

My mission for this month is to take more pictures of US. I have gobs of pictures of the girls, but I'm always behind the camera.

(So is Brian for that matter, he's behind the camera too, saying things like "Stop picking your nose Abbie..." "Look over here Frips." etc.)

I'm sure our children will want to know what we looked like while raising two small babies, learning the ropes around a new country and just trying to keep sane.

(Hint: We look tired.)

But we are happy and that needs to be remembered.


R Lennon said...

I love A's expression as she looks at her silly daddy!

momto9 said...

I totally agree:) and i',m a picture addict!

MaMa Vaughn said...

Yes...more of ya'll. =) We want to know what the mommy looks like too!

The driving is doing okay. Still don't have my actual license...but working on it. Hopefully soon!! I would be in a state of panic if I had to drive in a different country!!=)Even though here is pretty scary too!!

Well, hope you have an awesome week!

Kathy said...

What parent DOESN'T look tired?!?! You guys look happy and that's the important thing! :) Keep on taking pictures of you guys--it's important to have them to show your grandchildren one day! :) I love the picture of my grandparents when they were first married and standing in front of their Model T looking just like Bonnie & Clyde!

Amanda said...

totally agree! brad and i have like 50 pictures compared to the 1000's of the girls!

Brenda said...

I think you look great! And I think its a great idea to take pictures of yourselves, I'm happy to see more.