{No. My hips are no that wide.}
I'm enjoying the fall weather like you wouldn't believe. It's been in the eighties, and I'm in love.
Summer and it's oppressive 115* days are gone. (Sheesh. Do you think I could be more dramatic?)
We are having more picnics and cook outs. We play outside, roll around in the grass and get bit by all sorts of creepy crawleys.
But we're not melting.
And it feels sooooo good.
Hope your weekend is beautiful!


R Lennon said...

I'm loving it too! Sigh...but I think my hip ARE that big! :)

Rita Loca said...

Its delightful to have the windows open and no AC!
I KNOW my hips are that big...

Pilar said...

your falls are in the 80's???? I would be in love with fall if it was so here.
I was loving spring but yesterday somehow we flashback to winter. Hopefuly it will be over soon. Here in Spain we say "hasta el 40 de mayo no te quites el sayo (Weird way to call a jacket)"

Enjoy your fall!

Brenda said...

Its always such a blessed relief when the heat starts to dissipate in Paraguay. You feel like a soldier who has survived some sort of assault.

Sarah Joy said...

So far, we went from warm and breezy in California to cold and rainy in Washington state. I guess we will get to see spring twice this year, because it hasn't sprung in Washington yet.