A list

things I like:

Laundry on the line
The way Abbie says no
People eating my food and enjoying it
The red tablecloth on my kitchen table

things I don't like:

Parties where you have to buy stuff (Tuperware etc.)
Filling the car up with gas (so boring)
Coca Cola or any drink with bubbles.
Blogs with music that blare the second you open the page. (Makes me jump.)

Image:: Mine
Texture:: Adrisbow


Amanda said...

i just love that picture of the sheets on the line...it makes me feel all warm and happy inside

Betty said...

Ditto to the last one! That´s why I always have my speakers turned off!

Christine said...

This is a really fun post! I heartily agree about parties where they are selling stuff- yuck! But I do like carbonated drinks- a little too much so I am trying to avoid them. ;)

Liz said...

Lately, there's lot of 'parties' like the tupperware ones. Here, people make jewelry, clothes, etc. and then invite you to their 'party'.

Isn't that rude??