I'm better now!

No IV was needed. How horrible of me to scare you all about a trip to the hospital and the blog nothing for a few days. Sorry about that. This week has been a bear.
We did take Fripits to the hospital. She wasn't eating and had been very lethargic for days. She kept complaining of being sick and finally we decided to take her to the doctor.
She, the doctor, listened to her heartbeat.
She took her temperature.
She looked at her throat, tummy, eyes, and ears.
As she was folding up her stethascope, Elena looks at me with a grin as wide as Texas.
"I'm better now!"
And she was.
Her energy is back to normal, she is eating again, and all is well.
I however feel stupid.
All she wanted was a trip to the doctor and her supposed illness dissapeared just like that.
This ever happen to anyone else?


Pilar said...

So glad everyone is feeling better.

I have been there. My child having high fever for a few hours, going to the doctor and the fever was pretty much gone.

I wonder if the doctor though I was bored and needed a reason to get our :)

Betty said...

Yes! When my kids were young it was pretty funny. Every time I gave up and went to the doctor, it took them about 2 seconds to get better! The power of belief!

Steph said...

Oh it's happened to me. I've sat there and said, "I promise he's been sick." I've had him magically get better at the doctor and then get sick right afterwards.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe this photo !!!
she is sooo cute i just want to go thru my computer
i am so glad she is herself

love and kisses Nannie

Unknown said...

That photo made my heart leap from my chest! So adorable!

Yes, I've taken Josh to the Dr. as a baby, after asking time off work, etc. and be told there is nothing wrong, no ear infection, blah blah blah! After that, when I took either of my boys to the Dr I almost hope they're sick so it isn't for nothing! How BAD is that as a mother? I didn't really do that so much with Shane but with Josh I did because it meant getting off work, etc.
I'm glad Elena didn't need that IV!!