Right now

Image:: Via Me.
Texture:: Via Pink Orchard

Right now I'm watching my girls play outside in the hose, they are wetting everything in their sight. But it's outside, so it's fine by me.

Elena is eating a whole tomato. Munch, munch. As if it were an apple. She loves tomatoes, it's one of her things.

Abigail is dropping raisins into a small bowl of water then scooping them out and popping them in her mouth.

I am dreaming about what I can bake with my new bundt pan. Whatever flavor cake I decide on, one thing is for sure...it will be drizzled with chocolate ganach.

All in all, an average day in our house.


Kathy said...

Enjoy these blissful days while you can! I'm so glad you can stay home with them!

Brenda said...

Sounds so peaceful. Let me know how the cake turned out :)

Rita Loca said...

Lovely Luque!