my corner

I recently carved out a little space for myself in the house. A place where I can leave out my scrapbooking and quilting supplies so that I can get it all done, little by little.

I love the way it looks. All my favorite colors, glass jars, buttons, colored pencils, ribbons, stickers...Yummy.

And my favorite part is probably this simple string I strung across the table, and clipped some of my favorite pictures on it.

I feel much more inspired all ready.


momto9 said...

Thats lovely! But where did you find such a place....where fripits cannot destroy!??

Christine said...

I love your corner! Did you teach yourself how to quilt? I am definitely not that brave! ;)

Unknown said...

I feel more inspired too! I should follow suit! Looking at the shots on this post was like looking in a decorating/craft magazine! Loved it!