I'm pretending::

  • That I have all day to sit and sew, or blog, or read.
  • That's it not hot, it's cold and I can wear a cute scarf.
  • That I'm not on the Cabbage Soup Diet and can eat some brownies. (Don't worry! I'm just pretending!)
  • That I have a lovely garden full of fresh flowers to pick.
  • That my girls both know to use the potty.

I should be::

  • Washing the dishes
  • Planning my day
  • Eating more Cabbage Soup
  • Starting the laundry
  • Getting a head start on lunch for the family

I would rather pretend.


Unknown said...

Me too! I'm with ya' girl!

Rita Loca said...

I'm a good pretender!

Kathy said...

Right now I'm pretending I'm with my sister and niece who are on a mother/daughter vacation in Paris! BTW, don't lose too much weight on your diet--I think you look great!

Brenda said...

1. You can only eat SO much cabbage soup (I otta know!)

2. One day your girls will go potty by themselves

3. The cold will come. . . .eventually :)