The Lights of Luque

These are the electrical poles in front of my house.

I will miss my house, it's been a great two years here. The house is open, airy and functional and surrounded by a great neighborhood.

We have a little libreria where I buy most of the girls crafting supplies.

A despensa which never has anything in stock except for local gossip.

A small butcher shop which is very clean.

Our church that we love.

Two famous soccer players, and Oh! How exciting when they are interviewed by the press. The whole block is abuzz!

It has been a great two years for sure.


I'm really looking forward to eating at the Olive Garden.

That helps ease the pain.


Amanda said...

3 cheers for Olive Garden!

Pilar said...


Anonymous said...

Where are you moving too? I know you have mentioned it a couple of times, just not where. Furlough?

R Lennon said...

I am going to miss you guys!!! Sniff, sniff.

Unknown said...

I can help you with Olive Garden!!! Was there last night with Aunt Phyllis and Gehrigh. What fun we had! They came by the house afterward and Aunt Phyllis fell in love with your blog. She said you are a very good writer!

Unknown said...

Are you going to live in the same house when you return to Paraguay?

Unknown said...

Mmm....I miss Olive Garden, too! When are you guys headed out?