Terrifying Experience.

Just recently I decided that I was feeling brave.

Very brave.

So, I let my girls loose with...(drumroll) GLITTER.

And it was everywhere. Shiny, sticky and everywhere. In hair, eyes, elbows, ears, nose and fingers.

But they did have fun.

And I did survive.
But just barely.

I don't think I will ever buy glitter again.
We're sticking with crayons.

(A quick answer to all your questions: yes, we leave for furlough in 8 weeks. Let the packing begin!)


Rita Loca said...

I think some of it even made it over here to my house!

Christine said...

You are VERY brave....glitter terrifies me.lol

Brenda said...

I love glitter. . . and sand. I love that they leave memories forever of the fun you had. Find a bit of glitter or a grain of sand and the memories make you smile :)

Unknown said...

Glitter does seem to have a way to travel.

Jackie, read my blog to find out why I feel like "chopped liver"!

Sarah Joy said...

I tell ya, I love those Sunday School teachers, but I get enough glitter around the Christmas season passing through my household...I still find the stuff in the bottom of my purse.

Happy furlough! We're taking our first furlough right now.