Trees, sunlight, and hands.

He changes diapers.
He makes me coffee.
He understands how I feel about afternoons.
He does the grocery shopping every week.
He loves to buy me things.
He does goofy poses with me no matter who is watching.
I'm so lucky.
I hope you get to spend this weekend with someone you love and LIKE.


R Lennon said...


Brenda said...

ahhh, very sweet!

momto9 said...


Unknown said...

Nice idean photoing those hands! Only thing is it made me think of one of the saddest scenes in the movie "Beaches"!! I always cry when the dying lawyer frantically starts going through boxes of photos because she can't remember how her mom's hands looked! *wiping tears now*

M.J. said...

Awww!! So sweet! I got to spend the day with someone I love very much!!! We are lucky!

Anonymous said...

We had a missionary family at church today and they knew your family. The are going to Venezuela in the summer of 2010. His name was Jason Sykes, his wife said she visits with you on facebook and would tell you we had met. They are a busy family with 3 cute little boys. I wanted you to know who the wife was talking about when she forgets our name.

Jayde said...

You mean that? As in...I can take your WORD for:

Love and like?

:P :P :P