Cold Weather

fire, originally uploaded by paraguay4christ.

*It's been chilly around here, and it's great. We're loving every second.

* We have a layover in Lima, Peru on our long trip. I recently discovered there is a dunkin donuts there. This thrilled us so much, we almost shed tears of joy. I'll have a small latte with cream and sugar, and half a dozen assorted donuts. Please. (Uh..wait, make that a large latte. It's going to be a long trip. Gracias.)

* My feet are cold as I type this.

* I want to go to the beach. Ocean. Shore. Whatever.

* Really glad my sister is making the trip with us. Extra help with the kiddos.

* That's all for today.


Anonymous said...

How chilly is "chilly" for you there in Paraguay? I live in Panama and we are in the rainy season right now. It seems there is not much difference in the temperature,(as opposed to the dry season) except for the rain. Thanks for your blog, I find it really interesting to read of life there in Paraguay. I have lived in Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and now Panama and love it:)

Unknown said...

I just walked in from the beach! Maybe we can go together when you're here.

I remember a trip to a donut shop with you once! We laughed so hard all the way home we both almost peed or pants! You economist you!

Brenda said...

I had cebiche when we stopped in Lima. Truthfully, I did not even see the dunkin donuts because I was so excited about the cebiche.

I like the picture here.