People I think you should meet (part 5)

I give you my Uncle Agustin. Originally from Queretaro, Mexico he moved to the US after marrying my Aunt Pam. He's a US citizen and manages a big Olive Garden. He loves soccer, the beach and his family. He doesn't like Democrats, or Olive Garden food, he's sick of it.
His Super Power can be summed up in one word. One beautiful, musical, romantic word.
His guacamole, rocks.
In the words of Nacho Libre..."It's the beeeest."


Unknown said...

ROFLMBO!!! He is just going to LOVE you for this!!!hehe
By the by, he really does like a couple of democrats, but I can't seem to come up with any names at the moment! *smiles*

Unknown said...

Oh and let me add something about this photo! He was "posing" for me to take this shot and thot he'd ham it up a bit, put on his best Vanna White act.

Rita Loca said...

LOL! His guacamole is best served with,'Dee Lors cheeps!" Maybe on ' dee EEesters!!!'