People I think you should meet (part 4)

That's my cousin, Jared. And his wife Meredith. I've never met her, but I'm sure her Super Power is living with him. I'm sure of it. (Just kidding, Jared! You know I love you, man!)

Anyway, Jared is pretty cool. An MK like me, grew up in Venezuela, oldest of 6 kids. He's ten months younger than me, to the day. He likes cars, computers, and his wife. (Not in that order. I'm pretty sure she comes first.)

He also screams like a girl when he sees a cockroach.
Like a girl. A littl girl. Get that?
Right now he is working his way through Bible College, which brings me to his Super Power.
His job.
He works for a window washing company. Like up high. On scaffoldings. Hanging off of buildings with a squeegee.
That's definitly a super power in my book.


M.J. said...

Nice to meet you Jared and Meredith!

Unknown said...

and you forgot to mention how handsome he is -Oh those eyes! of course everyone can gather than from his photo!
Cute post!

Rita Loca said...

Oh yeah, and he runs fast through the jungle until he hits the clothes line with his neck!

Brenda said...

People who scream at cockroaches are the best kind of people ;) !