Suppose we have this guest bathroom that is never used by us. Suppose it's only really used by the teenagers that come for Bible studies throughout the week.
And just suppose that toilet has been broken for a while and we just kept forgetting it.
The teenagers never said anything because...well...I don't know why.

Anyway, suppose that after THREE months of a broken toilet we finally remembered to fix it.

(And by "we" I mean Mr. Husband and his two helpers.)

Bathroom Repairs

Turns out the teenagers are VERY HAPPY to know that know they can flush without sticking their hand into the tank.

So exciting

I'm not saying this is a true story. Just suppose.


Amanda said...

how funny!

Heather Wheelock said...

You have GREAT teenagers that willingly stuck their hand in the tank to flush it all the time! I'm not sure our teens would be that kind :-)

Unknown said...

You're too funny! Ilove that back view of Lele's hair in that photo where she's watching(helping) dad fix the toilet!

Rita Loca said...

They do look excited!