Newspaper and Bus

leather jacket

He reads the newspaper and then tells me whats going on in the world. It's important to know about world events you know.

I watch clips of Jon and Kate plus 8 on YouTube and tell him all about it. Because that's important too.


*Packing update: We sold our truck today. We will be without a vehicle for two weeks, which means we'll be taking buses. Should be many interesting blog posts coming up about that!!

(And one more thing...I love, love, love the way he looks in his black leather jacket.)


Amanda said...

EVERY husband needs to know about Jon & Kate updates. Mine loves to hear about them...NOT!

Rita Loca said...

actually, I would like to spank Jon and Kate!

Kathy said...

Be careful on the buses!!! Stick close to that black jacketed hubby and keep your purse inside your jacket!

Brenda said...

Thats how we do it too! He reads the news then I get to hear it PLUS all of Bobs opinions. I cruise the web and find funny things to show him and yummy recipes to cook.

It works for us!

Unknown said...

He does look good in that jacket! Great photo!
Jon and Kate need a big time out! But the way she always nagged him and made him out to be a child hiself, it's no wonder he went LOOKIN"! Not saying that it's right but she could be so ugly at times!