I Heart

1. Letting my Hubs do all the driving.
2. Handing the camera over to my three year old (gulp)

3. Self portraits with my girls.

4. Turning my pictures into Poladroids.


Christine said...

Poladroids are too cute; thank you so much for sharing! I love my hubby doing the driving too!

Brenda said...

Where do you get all these great ideas for posts?!! I am going to start stealing soon and my blog will be copycat of yours!

I heart seeing you in that baseball cap. So cute :)

Oh, and yes, thats me stylin' my wig on top of the drum bridge. It was actually pretty hard to get up and down.

Unknown said...

I <3 YOU ALL!!!

teamBoo said...

thanks for your sweet note!

your family is so so cute! I love how naturally beautiful you are...i'm so jealous. Beautiful skin is such a blessing i do not share.

I am intrigued by your exotic life in South America...what a colorful place to be...I am color deprived in AZ...blogs are all about living vicariously right ;)

thanks again Jackie! have a amazing day!