Raw batter

raw batter 2

We are spoon lickers in this house. Raw batter of all sorts has been eaten here. I like letting them lick the spoons and bowls because it keeps them happy while I finish cleaning up, but then I think, "Oh my goodness! Salmonella!!"

eating raw batter 1

So I hand them HUMONGOUS carrots to eat. It eases my guilt.



Amanda said...

spoon lickers here, too!

Heather Wheelock said...

Fear not, we ate cookie dough all our growing up years and we all lived to tell about it. Course, you know me and maybe that's why I turned out the way I did :-) Warning, can cause insanity :-)

Unknown said...

OH.MY.Word! Are those ever some big carrots!

Hey we are spoon lickers too! I grew up licking spoonsfuls of raw batters! I think some of the hype about raw batter is just another slice of "THEM" trying to create a culture of fear for us, so we forget to think for ourselves and take on our own responsibilities.
Pray tell-how did this cute adorable post cause me to go all politicial!?? Oh and according to a quiz in Facebook, I'm an Anarchist! hehe me the fraidy cat!