I love a good burger. And I think I just found the best hamburger in all of Paraguay.

(Except for the ones Brian makes, of course.)

We recently took a short day trip to Ca'acupe, more on that later, but on the way back stopped at a little restaurant called Cucurucho.

And I'm so glad we did, because sinking my teeth into that burger made me so terribly happy.


What extra yummy thing have you eaten recently? tell me...I want to know.


Brenda said...

Great post idea! I'm going to (steal) borrow it!

There is a hamburger place right by Rebecca's house that is AMAZING! I look forward to those 2 or 3 days when I feel good enough to have one. Pictures coming!

Betty said...

If you like pasta you should go to Il Manguire (?). They have the best pasta dishes! Check out a pic at my blog... :)

Rita Loca said...

Pecan and apple pie yesterday at Cucurchos!

Unknown said...

a tuna sandwich at lunch???! You know how I love me some tuna!

The burger does look delish but you look too cute! Love the cap and piggy tails!