La Feria

The Feria, or Agro Shopping, is farmers market held every Tuesday in the mall's parking lot. They sell freshly ground cornmeal, fresh eggs, and all sorts of fresh meat.

Agro Shopping 4

Lots of grains and herbs for you terere as well.

Agro Shopping 2

And while it is pricier than most grocery stores, the quality is so much better. It's also great for buying imported products. Salmon and raspberries from Chile, plantains from Brazil, and and mushrooms from France.
Agro Shopping 1

My favorite part is bringing the produce home and know I'm feeding my family the good stuff. The vegetables there are so pretty and I enjoy the routine of washing, and storing them.
Produce 1

I also like the fact that you will see so many different cultures there while shopping. Americans, Germans, Chinese, and of course Hispanics. It's busy, bustling and full of people and different languages.

Next time you're in Paraguay, I will take you.

(I'm having a hard time thinking of how to make this post sarcastic or funny. I'm all tapped out. Sorry.)


teamBoo said...

OH! jackie your is worse, wayyy worse! CHRISTMAS?? We have 3 air conditioning units (to the tune of $450/month mind you) and a basement.

...i can't even imagine two kids/one room living!!!

Unknown said...

I love how organied the stacks of grains, herb? are!!
On the third pic down, I thot I saw my name!

Kathy said...

How did I miss that when I was there? Well, something to look forward to! Have fun!

Brenda said...

These are great pictures. I miss the feria!

Unknown said...

Jackie, you must come read the comment that Gehrig left me last night. I posted it on my new post!