Ture Story

Overheard this morning at the breakfast table:

Daddy says to the Baby,

"Sweetie, you're not supposed to shove toast up your nose."

Parent's say the weirdest things.

Babies do the weirdes things.

Sour Cherry


Betty said...

Gotta love what kids say!

That cherry looks REALLY sour! :)

M.J. said...

LOL!!!!! Too funny!!!!

Sarah Joy said...

Oh, yes! I find myself saying the strangest things!

"Do not pour water on the floor and lick it up..."

That's a wonderful picture.

Unknown said...

Too cute! I love her many varied faces! I noticed in the video that she has something in common with Shane. She squinches her eyes shut tight when feeling shy! Shane always did that at that age.

Unknown said...

um, I hope you continue posting people you think we should meet!

Unknown said...

Okay - I just noticed Betty's comment, then went back to look at the photo! Now I know why she is making that particular face here! I was so entralled with her precious chubby face that I failed to see what was in her hand!

Amanda said...

ain't that the truth! i laugh at some of the stuff i say to my kids when they aren't looking, of course.