Things I like to do

1. give my baby a bath in the kitchen sink
2. eat chocolate chip banana walnut muffins for breakfast
3. paint my toenails with red fingernail polish
4. take long naps with smooshy pillows
5. scream really loud on kiddie roller coasters
6. wear socks to bed in the wintertime
7. go to bed early
8. eat milk and cookies for a midnight snack
9. watch movies with Audrey Hepburn in them
10. drink hot chocolate mix with marshmallow fluff


Brenda said...

I've never had hot chocolate with marshmellow fluff. . . you just gave me an idea!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE it !!
too cute.
i think most of the things on your list would make mine.

Rita Loca said...

I am going to miss you all, but I get excited about how happy the other side of the family will be to get to know the girls! What fun!!!

Kathy said...

Nice list! :) Love the adorable picture on the top of your blog! :) You and your sweetheard sure know how to make cute babies! :)

MaMa Vaughn said...

Haha!! I love the one with scream on the kiddie roller coasters...That would make me laugh to see you do that...maybe if you come to our part of town we can go hang out and ride one together with all our littles, and I'll let you scream...and I'll have the video camera!!=)

Pilar said...

We just have #3 in common ;)

Love this!