Packing with Sanity (snort)

The packing has begun. I've moved internationally, every two to four years, for my whole life. It's part of who I am. And I still don't like it. But I've accepted it.

I've accepted that my house will be a disaster zone for the next few weeks. Embrace the mess.

I've accepted that my hair will be in a pony tail almost every day. Love the ponytail.

I've accepted that my children will eat an amazing amount of junk food till we leave. Eat the Froot Loops.

Packing 5

Packing 1

I've accepted that no matter how inconvenient, most of my friends will stop by on the day before we leave to say goodbye.

I've accepted the fact that they will cry and be sad. But I will be too spent to cry with them.

I've come to accept the fact that although I think I have enough boxes, I dont.
Packing 6

The most important thing to remember, is that no matter how crazy things get, I MUST NOT SELL OR GIVE AWAY THE CHILDREN.

The grandparents on the other end would never forgive me.


Brenda said...

Come to terms with the fact that you will also lose many things, but try not to lose your children (I did once). . . or your mind (that might happen temporarily).

I wish for you a husband who is as good a packer as mine and as good a bufffer against the streses of packing as mine. That helps a lot!

Sarah Joy said...

Oh, I enjoyed the last few posts! You must be a champion packing queen by now, for sure. I am learning about these things right now. The fast food, the lack of boxes, the disorganization. I took pictures of the amazing mess I created, with the idea of blogging the process, but I never got up the nerve to blog it.

Rita Loca said...

Dad is a good packer, too. I like to 'direct and supervise'! But I am good at feeding all the packers!

Unknown said...

Nor would this aunt forgive you! Geeeze!

Don't you wish you had a hundred bucks for each time you've moved!??

Amanda said...

aw, hang in there! i hate moving too!

Kathy said...

You can do it Jackie! Will you put things in storage until you come back? Soon it will be over and you can relax again!!! When you get tired, chant: Olive Garden, Olive Garden, Olive Garden... :)

momto9 said...

ah man you ppor thing:) It'll be over before you know it! and yes....don't sell the children:):):)