A thank you

I would like to thank Warner Brothers for creating Bugs Bunny.
Because of Bugs Bunny carrots are now the favorite snack in the house.
Carrots, the longer the better, are being eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime in between.
It's the cool thing to do right now.
Especially if you say, "What's up, doc?" while eating it.
If it weren't for carrots I don't know if my girl would get enough beta-carota....who am I kidding? I don't what it's called.
My other child, however, would rather eat Barbie toothpaste.
And for now, that's fine with me.


Kera said...

thanks for stopping by! I love this post, I totally feel ya. I'll be back!!

Amanda said...

HA! Too funny! Wish that would work for my girls...they, too would rather eat toothpaste. {Lightbulb moment!} They should make toothpaste with beta carotene!

momto9 said...

ha ha:) At least they get some veggies this way:)