Day Trip

We've been taking small day trips recently, snapping pictures that we hadn't gotten around to during three years here. One of the trips was to see the big church in Ca'acupe.

Right across the street from the church are a bunch of little shops selling all sorts of necessary items: dolls of the virgin Mary, candles, DVD's, and of course, plastic toy cel phones.

It was nice to have some family time, and nice to get out of our little town and see something new. People, as always, were friendly, there was chipa to eat, and the weather was beautiful.
A perfect outing.
Okay, so, not perfect, due to the child screaming in the backseat on the way home. (Car seats? She's not a fan.)
An almost perfect outing.


Pilar said...

I am sure she will be use to carseats after you come back for your furlough :)

Brenda said...

Great pictures, as always. Its kind of a fun day trip, we did it a lot with visitors.

Betty said...

Yeah, better get used to those car seats... :)
Love the last picture with the blue sky!!

M.J. said...

ew. you have ugly toys in Paraguay! I wouldn't want to play with them, that's for sure!

MaMa Vaughn said...

Love all these...great to see what it looks like round there.=)

Unknown said...

Love the look of that palm tree to the right of the church!