People you should meet (part 3)

This is our friend, Anna. (Not her real name, but we'll call her that here)

She hangs out with us once a week to practice her english. She is very smart, pretty and fun. I think she is the hero to both of my daughters.

She's cool because she makes funny faces with us.
Not many people are willing to do that and it's something we do often around here.

Funny Faces Creation

funny faces 5

Living room forts

They also throw all the couch pillows on the floor, arrange couches, chairs, coffe tables and quilts till they have the the coolest fort ever.

You would like her. She's sweet. And isn't her smile great?


Brenda said...

She does have a beautiful smile.

BTW, bay to breakers is a race in San Francisco, on the peninsula, from the bay to the ocean (breakers). They do it every year. Its crazy but I have never gone. Maybe next year. . . .

Unknown said...

And I can see up your nose! hehe
Love the fort, I did that alot when I was younger! Anna's smile is beautiful, and please tell her that I think she has a sweet face!